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BICKNELLE.COM - Networking For Smart Businesses

We have served many clients in the UK, Europe and around the world, to include a Novell Netware High Availability solution on a cruise liner in Athens, Greece, and a Microsoft Windows Server cluster near Washington (DC) U.S.A.

What this gives us is a unique knowledge of how to help you - the customer, design / implement new systems, get the best from your current I.T. Infrastructure, and or expand / upgrade to new systems, all to match your budget

We like to where possible offer a complete solution which is why we not only offer the consultancy services, but also perform the installations, giving you, the user, the choice, helped by our indepth knowledge of the Networking market, and it's hardware and software solutions

What this can then give you is one point of contact for your IT systems and support.

The success of any project requires an experienced technical person who will design the implementation to minimize the disruption to the users and ensure a smooth trouble free installation. We come from a in-depth computer networking background and have strong administration and communication skills. This enables us to successfully complete from simple to very complex projects, and provide you excellent service..

We always design and provide IT systems that maintain the highest current level of redundancy and service your company expects while incorporating well-tested hardware and software and providing reliability, speed, and simplicity of use and management.

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