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BICKNELLE.COM - Networking For Smart Businesses

Welcome to the website and thank you for taking the time to peruse.

If you need any more information please phone, fax, click the email links or fill out the "contact us" page.

We believe our happy repeat customers speak volumes for the service we offer.

We aim to please.

We are a computer network company that have the skills and expertise to design, build, supply and support a PC based network to meet your specific needs.

Many companies have similar requirements, File and Print Sharing, Controlled Internet Access, Filtered Safe Email, Anti-Virus / Patch Updates and employees "on the move" who need access to the office systems.

The trick is to fit the ideal technology to your environment, taking into account what IT Infrastructure you already have and where you see your company going.

With years of experience fitting the best solution to companies we offer good, understandable, sound advice based on knowledge of previous installations and experience, all in plain English.

Our main objective is to install the best possible solution to fit your needs and budget !

Our site is subdivided into:

Design: - how we plan and install a network

Networks: - the specific skills and products we recommend, supply and install

and Clients: which should give you an idea of some of our completed projects.

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